The Grand Ole Opry House has a tradition of hosting some of the best country music acts. When a musician plays there, they get the feeling that they have finally made it! Let’s briefly explore more about this historical venue.

History of The Grand Ole Opry House

This venue started as the WSM Barn Dance. It proves that a humble beginning can still make for greatness. The WSM Barn Dance was on the fifth floor of The National Life and Accident Insurance Company situated in the heart of Nashville. They then began to host musicians.

The name Grand Ole Opry House came to be when it was first announced as such by NBC Red Network’s “Music Appreciation Hour.” Of course, the name stuck. The venue for these concerts changed several times over the years. Finally, the National Life and Accident Insurance Company purchased some farmland with the building. One of these buildings remains to this day and is labeled The Grand Ole Opry House.

Concerts, Shows and Events Hosted at the Opry

The rich tradition of the Grand Ole Opry is what makes it so diverse. In the past and up until now, the regular performers on stage could be inducted as members. Membership is perhaps the greatest honor that a country music singer could have. Usually, they are extended an invitation during a live broadcast. Renowned stars that have been inducted include Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley.

Grand Ole Opry House Tickets & Schedule

The Opry House schedule includes all types of events year-round and tickets are not always easy to come by even though the venue seats nearly 5,000 spectators. According to Cheapo Ticketing, tourists purchase their tickets months in advance. Whether or not you’re a fan of Country music, the experience and entertainment at the Opry is second to none. So if you’re planning to visit Nashville sometime in the future a trip to the Opry is highly recommended and it is probably a good idea to buy Grand Ole Opry tickets as soon as your next trip is planned!